Playboy Magazine July 1973

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Playboy July 1973

Cover: Karen Christy

Playmate: Martha Smith

Interview: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Pictorials: Sainted Bond features Roger Moore in his first film as James Bond 007, "Live And Let Die" with Jane Seymour and Gloria Hendry; Tisa is a five-page cameo of Tisa Farrow, Mia's sister; Tina of the Tanbark presents Tina Christiani (the Christianis were famous circus people) nude in various circus poses.

Features: Summer of '72 is a splendid six-page portfolio of LeRoy Neiman sketches from the Hamptons; fiction by Robert E. Young, The Time Machine and Robert L. Fish, The Wager; 5 pages of cartoons by John Dempsey, The Odd Couples; Brad Darrach tells of Bobby Fisher's legendary chess match with Boris Spasky in The Day Bobby Blew It; Max Gunther explains How to Beat the Market by Watching Girls, Counting Aspirin, Checking Sunspots; David Halberstam offers his opinion on presidential politics in The Worst and The Grayest; Marvin Miller, Kris Kristofferson and Oriana Fallaci in "On the Scene" segment; full-page Vargas Girl.

Pages: 222

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