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Playboy July 1979

Cover: Denise Gauthier

Playmate: Dorothy Mays

Interview: Joseph Wambaugh

Pictorials: Well Matchedfeatures 1977 PMOY Patti McGuire; "Moonraker" New Perils For 007- 4 pages of photos from the filming of "Moonraker", and eight pages of the girls in the film, including Roger Moore's co-star, Corrine Clery, Catherine Serre, Chinchinou Kaeppler, Francoise Goyat and others.

Features: Fiction by Philip Jose Farmer,The Leaser of Two Evils; Andrew M. Greeley goes inside the Vatican for a Papal election in The Making of a Pope; players such as Rod Carew, George Foster, George Brett, Thurman Munson and Ron Guidry are chosen in The Second Annual Baseball Managers Cash-on-the-Line, Clutch-Player All-Star Team; Alice Cooper, The Cars, Margaux Hemingway, Cher and Laraine Newman in "Grapevine" segment; Playboy Funnies.

Pages: 250

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