Playboy July 1992

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Playboy July 1992

PLAYMATE: Amanda Hope

COVER: Pamela Anderson

PICTORIALS: Getting Kicks On Route 66- seven exquisite pages of Pamela Anderson on the road; Blonde Exhibition- 4 pages of Madonna romping nude on the beach; Med-Alert- 10 pages of Health-care professionals (um...nurses) - very very nice!

INTERVIEW: Batman star Michael Keaton

20 Q: Nicole Kidman

FEATURES: Article by Alex Haley, Malcolm X Remembered and Memoriam to Alex Haley (author of "Roots" and Playboy interviews of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.) by Murray Fisher; fiction, Reston's Ratby Kevin Cook and The Slipby Gary Smith; Profile of Mario Coumo by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison.

PAGES: 174

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