Playboy Magazine August 1968

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Playboy August 1968

Cover: Aino Korva

Playmate: Gale Olsen

Interview: William Sloan Coffin

Pictorials: 2-page pictorial of Carroll Baker in shower scene with Jean Sorel in French/Italian film, "Honeymoon"; Michael Pollard and KC Townsend have a romp in the satirical Harvey Kurtzman (Little Annie Fanny) film take-off, "Blowout".

Features: More Silverstein Among the Hippies; 8-page pictorial of Dream Cars including the Charger II, Mustang Mach 2, and other visionary auto styles; Dustin Hoffman and Roone Arledge in "On the Scene" segment; 2-page Vargas Girl.

Pages: 170