Playboy Magazine August 1970

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Playboy August 1970

Cover: Linda Donnelly

Playmate: Sharon Clark

Interview: Dr. Paul Erlich

Pictorials: "Myra Goes Hollywood" is six pages of on and off set shots from the film "Myra Breckenridge," starring Raquel Welch, Rex Reed, John Huston, Farrah Fawcett, Mae West, and a host of able-bodied extras (text by Rex Reed); 10-page pictorial on the Bunnies of 1970, featuring bunnies and past and future playmates Carol Imhoff, Avis Miller, Cynthia Hall, Carol Vitale, Jean Bell, Helen Antonaccio and Lieko English.

Features: Fiction, "A Small Death in the Rue De Rennes" by Mary McCarthy; "The Sign" by Ken W. Purdy; "Double Hannenframmis" by John D. MacDonald; the entire alphabet in erotic cartoon form by Michael Ffolkes (7 pages); full-page Vargas Girl.

Pages: 270

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