Playboy Magazine August 1989

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Playboy August 1989

Cover: Brandi Brandt

Playmate: Gianna Amore

Interview: John Cougar Mellencamp

20 Questions: John Candy

Pictorials: Women of Wall St. with text by Louis Rukeyser features Lisandra Trujillo, Cheryl Petersen, Holly S. Meder, Robin Mormelo, N. Denise Uzan, Shari Fierman, Laura King, Lisa Knapp and Kimberly Ann Clark; Off With Their Clothes- 8 pages of women in and out of period clothing fron the French Revolution (1789); License To Thrill - on-and-off the set photos of Diana Lee, who co-starred with Timoth Dalton in the Bond thriller "License to Kill", plus 2-page guide to all the James Bond films on video tape.

Features: Article on Mike Tyson by Jose Torres, Fire And Fear; fiction by Donald E. Westlake, Too Many Crooks; essay by David Mamet, A Time For Mickey Mouse; 2 pages of John Dempsey cartoons with limmericks by Robert Pierce, There Was A Young Lady...; Jane Fonda, The Replacements and Christina Veronica in "Grapevine" segment.

Pages: 162