Playboy August 1995

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August 1995

PLAYMATE: Rachel Jean Marteen

COVER: Shelly Jones

PICTORIALS: When OJ Phoned Traci recounts the day in 1994 when OJ Simpson called Playmate Traci Adell, with great pics of Traci; Girls of Radioshowcases on-air talent including covergirl Shelly Jones, Howard Stern regulars, Tempest and Amy Lynn Baxter and others

INTERVIEW: Berry Gordy 20 Q: Dawn Steel


CLASSIC COVER AND CENTERFOLD: August 1975, Lillian Muller

FEATURES: The Charmed Life of Tommy Leeby Christopher Napolitano and Stephen Randall, with pics of Tommy and Pamela Anderson; fiction by Vladimir Nabokov, La Veneziana; artilce by Daniel Radosh, Keep On Trekkin'covers the Star Trek mania; Day of the Zealotsby Michael Reynolds, exposes the radical militant groups flourishing in America; profile of Bob Zemeckis by Joe Morgenstern

PAGES: 162

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