Playboy Magazine September 1968

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Playboy September 1968

Cover: Erika Toth

Playmate: Dru Hart

Interview: Stanley Kubrick

Pictorials: Pictorial of "The Girls of Funny Girl", which starred Omar Shariff and Barbra Streisand, but featured a number of Playboy bunnies and Playmates (Yvonne Shubert, Christine Williams-10/63), Vegas Showgirls (Bettina Brenna, Karen Lee) and assorted lovelies; Pictorial of Stanford Coed Vicki Drake, who used nude posters of herself to campaign for president of the student body.

Features: Fiction by Kurt Vonnegut, "Fortitude"; Anson Mount's College Football Preview, featuring, in team photos, Joe Greene (N. Texas State), Jake Scott (Georgia), Ted Hendricks (Miami), Roger Wehrli (Missouri), OJ SIMPSON (USC), Terry Hanratty (Notre Dame) and others; "The Educated Executive by J. Paul Getty; smashing two-page Vargas Girl; excellent 2-page Jules Feiffer cartoon 'The Nightwatch".

Pages: 258