Playboy Magazine September 1971

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Playboy September 1971

Cover: Crystal Smith

Playmate: Crystal Smith

Interview: Jules Feiffer

Pictorials: Girls of the Golden West,12 pages; Surreal Ladiesfeatures nudes by photographer Shig Ikeda; Julie Christie and Warren Beatty in scene from "McCabe & Mrs. Miller in Bets & Bawds

Features: Tri-fold fold-out on heavy cover stock of Gilbert Shelton's Board Game, Feds 'N' Heads; Pigskin Preview features collegians Bobby Moore, Ed Marinaro, Marv Bateman, Mike Kadish, Joe Ehrmann, Walt Patulski and others in All American Team photos; three pages of cartoons by J. B. Handelsman, The Creation; fiction by Irwin Shaw, Small Saturday,Michael Crichton, The Most Powerful Tailor In The Worldand Richard Hooker, I'm Not Sure G*O*L*F Is Therapy; 2-page Vargas Girl; Little Annie Fanny works out at a spa.

Pages: 282