Playboy Magazine September 1972

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Playboy September 1972

Cover: Sandra Josefski

Playmate: Susan Miller

Interview: Bernadette Devlin

Pictorials: Student Bodiesshows actual photos of nude sit-ins, shows and demonstrations on campuses across America; M*A*S*H Dishis a seven page cameo of actress Karen Philipp, who played Lt. Dish on the TV series M*A*S*H.

Features: Woody Allen presents scene from his new film, "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex... But Were Afraid To Ask"; fiction by Dan Jenkins, Semi-Tough,with illustrations by Neal Adams; Ronald Schiller presents A Heady History of Beer; Four articles on The Drug Explosionplus a tri-fold out chart of drugs and their effects; Marshall Frady depicts the Southern belle in Skirmishes with The Ladies Of The Magnolias; 2-page Vargas Girl; Little Annie Fanny gets frisked at the customs gate.

Pages: 256