Playboy Magazine September 1976

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Playboy September 1976

Cover: Press-on T-Shirt

Playmate: Whitney Kaine

Interview: David Bowie

Pictorials: Girls of Washingtonincluding Fanne Foxe and Elizabeth Ray; Newton's Physiquesfeatures Playboy models shot by photographer Helmut Newton.

Features: Playboy Press-on T-Shirt; The Puppet and the Puppetmastersby Larry Dubois and Laurence Gonzales, details the involvement of Howard Hughes, the president and the CIA; fiction by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Slapstick (or Lonesome No More)- portions of Vonnegut's novel; Patented Sexcompiled by Anthony Astrachan, details some of the kinkier patents; Don Hasselback, Tony Dorsett, Ricky Bell, Ross Browner, coach Tom Osborne and others in College Football Preview All-America Team photos; four pages of cartoons by Phil Interlandi, Sex and the Politician; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonard Nimoy and Elton John in "Grapevine" segment.

Pages: 214