Molly Gagliano, born April 25, 1920, died December 28, 2004

I'm not sure of many of the details, so this page will be updated as I gather information. I have lots of photos to scan and post, but I've just put a few up because people have asked for them. If you know anything about Molly (Inverso) Gagliano, or would like to add anything here, you can contact me (Rick Gagliano)by clicking here.

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Born in Trenton, New Jersey, to Carmen and Carmella Inverso - immigrants from Italy - her given name was Manilia, and though we're not sure, her middle name was either Louise or Loretta.

During her youth, she attended school and didn't finish high school, the same as most of her brothers and sisters - Ida, Millie, Susie, Peter, Angelo, Teddy and step-brother, John. I have very little info on mom's younger days, but I know she did piece work during the war - sewing parachutes.

After the war she met Nick Gagliano, who fought in Europe, in France, Belgium and Germany and who returned home to Rochester in 1945. He was attending school at Rider College and met Molly at a USO dance.

They were married in 1946, in Trenton, but soon moved to Rochester, NY, where Nick studied at the University of Rochester. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Nick and Molly moved to Ithaca, where Nick studied law at Cornell Law School. Molly workd in the cafeteria or dining hall during that time. She could set a table with the best of them. I still recall how she told me how to remember on which side the knife and fork went (fork-left, knife-right; the number of letters in the words were equal.)

After graduation and passing the New York state bar, Nick and Molly moved back to Rochester, where they lived ever since. In 1951, they gave birth to their first son, Nick, Jr. and in 1953, Richard. Molly liked the name Richard because she said, "they will call the boys Nickie and Ricky." That never quite worked out, though "Nickie" stuck, Richard was generally known as "Richie", or Rich and later, Rick.

In May of 1960, their third and last child, Mary Ann, was born. Molly called her Mary after the Virgin Mother, and Ann because, Ann was Mary's mother's name.

Nick and Molly lived on Smith Street until 1954, moved to Clifford Avenue in 1955, and then to Titus Avenue in 1959.

Nickie attended St. Michael's school for two years, after that all three kids attended St. Margaret Mary's and Bishop Kearney High School.

For all her years, Molly was a kind and loving mother and wife, never worked (thanks, Dad!), and a model homemaker.

Mom loved the beach, even though she couldn't swim. Here's a couple of photos below to prove that.

For now, I've posted a few photos, of which I'll describe briefly, as they are shown on this page, from top to bottom:

1. An old photo from 1946
2. Another old photo from around the same time.
3. I believe this photo was taken in front of the law school at Cornell.
4. Molly, on the boardwalk at Atlantic City, in the center, with a friend on the left and sister Ida on the right.
5. At the beach at Atlantic City with Ida.
6. Molly as a bride.