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In 1999, I set out to establish the definitive collector's price guide for Playboy magazine. A few years down the road, around 2002, I had it pretty much complete and began to expand into other titles, like Sports Illustrated, Mad, Life and Rolling Stone.

The entire Collectible Magazine Online Price Guide is freely available to the public here.

I encourage you to use the price guide in determining values and doing research. However, the price guide will not give you an indication of future values. Only by bidding on and winning this report will you be able to identify the issues likely to appreciate faster.

Now, as I update the Playboy selections, I am finding from my wealth of pricing and derivative information certain issues which are poised to appreciate faster than the norm. Some of these issues may be apparent to the average collector, but many, indeed, most of them, are not. There are hidden gems out there which will likely return on investment 200, 300, 400% or more over the next 3-5 years.

Why is this? Due to the massive expansion in the number of collectors caused by the internet explosion, many magazines are being bought and sold without great regard to intrinsic value and many more are being passed around, abused and their quality downgraded. Because of this and other factors detailed in this report, certain issues in Very Fine to Near Mint condition are going to skyrocket as collectors become more knowledgable and quality continues to deteriorate.

To illustrate the demand for these issues (some are routinely underpriced, others simply have solid market appeal) I've put together what I believe are


This is a 28 page report, only available via download. There are actually 51 issues outlined in this document, with suggested buying price ranges, expected 3-5 year prices, explanation of what drives each issue's collectablity and value, a printable checklist for use at auctions, stores and sales, plus links direct to my detail pages in the Price Guide.

Now, I'm not talking about the first issue, or even the first year. Everybody knows those are valuable, but few people can actually afford them. The issues I reference in my document can be bought for less than $20, most of them for less than $10. Over the next 3-5 years, these issues should experience a dramatic increase in demand, driving their value to unprecedented levels. Some of the issues I've identified in the $10-20 range may fetch $35-$75 soon, and those under $10 will be worth $12, $18, $25 or as much as possibly $40.

Naturally, collecting, like investing is driven by speculation, and economic events could derail any investment, but, from where I sit, I see these 51 Playboy magazines as worthwhile investments, just like stamps, coins or sports cards.

There are FOUR OUTSTANDING REASONS why I believe certain Playboy magazines are going to leap in value, and that's explained in my "Insider Notes" which come with the download, in addtion to the wild card which could push certain issues to even more ridiculous levels. I also supply you with pointers and tips on how and where to buy the right issues at great prices, how to store and sell them and how to maximize your investment.

100% guarantee I'm so confident that this document will help you make money and understand the Playboy back issue market, that I'm offering a full 100% money back guarantee* if you're not completely satisfied. Yes, you get to keep the downloaded report. That's how assured I am in my price estimates and market judgment.

The reason I'm convinced is that the price you'll pay for this document is likely less than you'll make on just one magazine you purchase, hold for 3-5 years and sell at a profit. Now, think about doing that 50 times over, or purchasing 5 or 10 copies of a particular issue and reaping the returns.

If you're serious about collecting and investing in magazines, you will find this report invaluable to your efforts, so act now while this offer is still available.

Rick Gagliano
Publisher, Downtown Magazine
Collectible Magazine Online Price Guide

Please note that you are bidding on a downloadable product. You should have an applicable word processing software program such as Microsoft Word installed on your computer and/or an internet browser in order to access this report. The winning bidder will receive the report via email or instructions on how to download and/or view it from our secure site. There is no shipping because you will not recieve a printed copy though you are free to print out the entire report for your own use.

*The guarantee assumes that you download the report and read it and make a reasonable attempt to use the information for yourself. Since this report contains information you can verify, act upon and make use of, we urge you not to request a refund for at least 90 days.

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