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WEEK 6 NCAA Football Picks

All times Eastern

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Week 6 Results: Coin: 5-4-1 Rick: 6­3-1
Cumulative: Coin: 36-43-2 Rick: 43-36-2

Thursday, October 13

7:30 pm Navy (-3, 50) at East Carolina - Sorry, but this game has been postponed due to expected flooding in the Greenville, North Carolina area. It has been rescheduled for November 19.

Coin Flip: XXXX

Prediction: XXXX

Friday, October 14

7:00 pm Duke at Louisville (-35, 71 1/2) - Rarely is there a spread as large as this, but the Louisville Cardinals may be deserving of such. On the other hand, Duke did beat Notre DameŠ wait, everybody has beaten Notre Dame, so forget that idea.

Ranked #7 in both the AP and Coaches Polls, the Cardinals are 4-1, their only loss a 42-36 defeat at Clemson, and lead the nation in scoring, averaging 58 points per outing. Since Duke is averaging a mere 24.5, that's 34.5 fewer points per game, so the spread may be justifiable, or, worse, short. This probably won't even be fun to watch as the Cardinals roll it up.

Coin Flip: Duke

Prediction: Cardinals 64 Blue Devils 17

10:15 pm Mississippi State at BYU (-7, 57 1/2) - To say that the Cougars are having an up-and-down season would be putting it lightly. They're 3-3, having won two straight (Toledo, 55-53; Michigan State, 31-14) after losing three in a row to Utah, UCLA, and West Virginia. The margins in the BYU losses have been negligible. They lost to the Utes by one, the Bruins and Mountaineers by three.

Whatever can be said in favor of the Bulldogs (not much, they're 2-3), the Cougars should be able to control it, especially at home, coming off the solid win against the Spartans.

Coin Flip: BYU

Prediction: Cougars 38 Bulldogs 24

Saturday, October 15

12:00 pm West Virginia (-1, 83) at Texas Tech - In what could turn out to be one of the highest-scoring games of the season, the 4-0 Mountaineers travel deep into the Lone Star state to take on one of the most potent offense in the college realm. The 3-2 Red Raiders are averaging 55.2 ppg, good for second in the nation behind Louisville.

What's lacking for Tech is defense. In their two losses (both on the road), they allowed 68 to Arizona State and 44 to Kansas State. While they may be better at home, the 20th ranked Mountaineers should be sky high for this contest, as going 5-0 keeps them in the running for the national championship, although that's a long way off. West Virginia has a couple of quality wins over Missouri and Kansas State (17-16, on Oct. 1), and has had an extra week off, so they should be ready to rock and roll. Their defense will be the key and they have that in spades as compared to Tech. If they can get four or five stops, that should be sufficient.

Coin Flip: West Virginia

Prediction: Mountaineers 54 Red Raiders 37

12:00 pm NC State at Clemson (-17 1/2, 59) - Not that Clemson isn't likely to win this game, but the Wolfpack has something going this season. Their 10-3 victory over Notre Dame last week marked their third straight win and a 4-1 record, the only loss a 33-30 defeat at East Carolina, who plays everybody tough.

It's probably fortunate that this game was scheduled for Clemson, which is well out of the flood zone and a relief for the NC State players and coaches. This has all the makings of a knock-down, drag-out kind of affair, as the Wolfpack isn't likely to give up many easy scores.

Coin Flip: NC State

Prediction: Tigers 30 Wolfpack 23

12:00 pm Kansas State at Oklahoma (10 1/2, 51 1/2) - Can the Sooners cover the line against anybody? Maybe the oddsmakers in LV have a death wish for them, but they couldn't handle the 10 point line given to Texas last week, so maybe at home they are two TDs better than the 3-2 Wildcats, who lost to Stanford (26-13), West Virginia (17-16), but last week topped Texas Tech, 44-38.

K-State isn't half bad, and Oklahoma isn't more than half good, so another upset should be forthcoming. When will Bob Stoops be shown the door? 17 years, one national title (2000).

Coin Flip: Oklahoma

Prediction: Wildcats 34 Sooners 31

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