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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Due to the recent protests by the overpaid millionaires posing on one knee to express some degree of unhappiness, Downtown Magazine has made the decision to cease picking NFL and NCAA football games, and, in light of the newfound allegations of corruption in NCAA college basketball, College Basketball Daily will not be published this season.

It is with sincere regret that Downtown Magazine chooses to take these actions, but the players, coaches, and owners feel that it is somehow necessary to make public protests by genuflecting or making other gestures, before, during or after the national anthem, and also before, after or during the games.

Politics has no place in the the sports arena and the actions of these so-called "professional" football players are disruptive to the game and often insulting to the fans who pay dearly to view them.

As far as the NCAA is concerned, since it has been a hotbed of corruption, bad behavior, and nothing more than a minor league for the professional basketball and football leagues, there's no reason why these games should be predicted, wagered upon, or viewed at all. Besides, colleges are becoming places for personal expression, exclusion and protest rather than institutions of higher learning, as they were originally intended.

Downtown Magazine may someday resume picking games in the NCAA and NFL, but it's doubtful, since the leagues and colleges simply consider themselves above contempt, while contempt from their fans is what they are currently breeding with their insistence on protesting.

While Downtown Magazine wishes no harm to anybody, the NFL and NCAA have proven themselves to be beneath the time and effort to predict, report on, or to be involved in any way with their games.


Fearless Rick Gagliano, Publisher
Downtown Magazine


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