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Toast of the Town: Post-Holiday, Post-Fiscal Ciff, Post-Apocalypse Edition

We saved up the quotes we heard from the past month or so and put them all in one post-everything post. Toast of the Town, 1/10/2013

The Unvarnished Truth (or at least the patina)
As previously promised and still undelivered: the Who's Who's list of the demise of the print edition of Downtown Magazine, lo, those many years ago. From the Publisher's Desk, 1/10/2013

Toast of the Town: Cold, hard edition
Nothing like unblemished truth to bring out the worst in people. Of course, our latest litany of quotations were not intentionally horrible, they just came out that way. Toast of the Town, 12/1/2012

Toast of the Town: Election Edition
Most of our unattributed quotes from the past fortnight have little or nothing to do with politics or the election, but we thought it would make for a catchy title. Toast of the Town, 11/5/2012

Why Obama Should Win Easily (and why he may not)
Thankfully, the silly season of presidential politics will come to a conclusion on Tuesday... we hope, and the clear winner will be President Obama. From the Publisher's Desk, 11/3/2012

Saturdays Can Be Dangerous Places
With excess surrounding him while thowing all care to the proverbial wind, Fearless Rick embarks on setting a new, painfully awkward path for online journalism, re-creating some of the more popular features from the aged (1980s) print edition of the original Unbound Magazine. From the Publisher's Desk, 10/20/2012 (yeah, it's a 7)

Toast of the Town: Economy Edition
There are good quotes, bad quotes and phrases better kept from being repeated, but there's usually good stuff when it comes to the economy, so the periodical supplemental ubiquitous quotations this time focus on the futility of economics and, well, sex, generally. Toast of the Town, 10/20/2012

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Horoscopes for Realists
It's almost Halloween, so basically, your horoscope is going to be a little bit on the spooky side. Horoscopes for Realists, 10/21/2012

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