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Dow Triple Engulfed - 11/30/04

Dow Closes at 11-month low - 10/22/04

Diving For Consumers - 8/03/04

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As Wall Street Tumbles, Main Street Cheers
Wall Street took the beating it so richly deserved, but the economy hasn't collapsed. Deflation continues to lurk in the background and could be a boon for Main Street and consumers.Money Daily, 9/29/08

Our Shaky Economy
Continuing coverage and commentary on the economy, Wall Street, the proposed government bailout and what it all means. Money Daily blog 9/26/08 - present
House Votes Down Bailout, Saves America | The Bailout Plan is Complete Garbage
Joy Ride Up (and down) Wall Street | Self-fulfilling Financial Meltdown Prophecy

Joy Ride Up (and Down) Wall Street (Part 1)
An update on the Federal bailout of Wall Street and a discussion on the plan's overall utilty, how it renders the upcoming presidential election inconsequential and it's effects on everyday Americans.in Money Daily, 9/25/08

Market goes 2-for-2 in 2006 - Money Matters for 1/4/06
Another winning day for Wall Street and new highs on the NYSE. - 1/4/06

Markets Open Dull, Finish With a Bang - Money Matters for 1/3/06
Today's gains had all the tell-tale signs of a sucker rally. - 1/3/06

Dow finishes year lower; Nasdaq, NYSE Up - Money Matters for 12/30/05
A dull finishing week pushed stocks lower as a new year beckons. - 12/30/05

Markets Barely Shake in Light Trade - Money Matters for 12/28/05
What's weighing on Wall Street and why. - 12/28/05

Government Policies Coming Home to Roost - Money Matters for 12/27/05
Excessive, uncontrolled government debt, unnecessary rate hikes invert yield curve and slam stocks. - 12/27/05

Ho Ho Home Sales Not So Hot - Money Matters for 12/23/05
Traders get a break, but yield curve remains inverted. - 12/23/05

Transit Strike Ends, Markets Get Needed Lift - Money Matters for 12/22/05
Traders get a break, but yield curve remains inverted. - 12/22/05

Santa Stuck in the Chimney - Money Matters for 12/21/05
Stocks went up and then went down as investors pared gains. - 12/21/05

Yield Curve Inverts, Recession Now Likely - Money Matters for 12/20/05
Bond yields predict official recession by mid-to-late-2006. - 12/20/05

Down to the Wire for Retailers, Stocks - Money Matters for 12/19/05
Retailers take it on the chin as the final week of Christmas shopping begins quietly. - 12/19/05

Wall Street to Consumers: Please Shop Now! - Money Matters for 12/16/05
Dow rally fails as investors grow weary of waiting for Santa rally. - 12/16/05

NYSE Rolls Over As Holiday Shopping Weighs - Money Matters for 12/15/05
New lows surpass new highs on the NYSE as holiday shopping seems sluggish and NY transit strike looms. - 12/15/05

Dow Takes a Peek at Peak, Shies Away - Money Matters for 12/14/05
Market can't get over the top, awaiting retail sales figures. - 12/14/05

The Knee-Jerks Have It... Barely - Money Matters for 12/13/05
Was Wall Street's response to the Fed rational, exuberant or neither? - 12/13/05

Getting Ready for Grinchy Greenspan - Money Matters for 12/12/05
Stocks were flat in advance of FOMC meeting, but oil traders didn't miss a beat. - 12/12/05

The Disease of Serial Optimism - Money Matters for 12/9/05
Reality and empirical observations trump emotional suppositions every time. - 12/9/05

Three-footed Monster Drops First Shoe - Money Matters for 12/8/05
Crude oil and natural gas prices go through the roof as USA suffers a big chill. - 12/8/05

A Bit of Advice: Timing is Everything - Money Matters for 12/7/05
Fearless Rick says NOW is the time to sell stocks as markets have topped out. - 12/7/05

3:00 Sell-off Erases Earlier Gains - Money Matters for 12/6/05
Stocks lost serious momentum into the close on Tuesday, diminishing hopes for a Christmas rally. - 12/6/05

President Pushing on a String - Money Matters for 12/5/05
The president is out making speeches on the economy, so it's a good bet that it's about to tank. - 12/5/05

Have the Markets Already Made Their 2005 Highs? - Money Matters for 12/2/05
After a six-week rally, stocks may have run out of steam, just in time for the holidays. - 12/2/05

Everything Goes Up in December - Money Matters for 12/1/05
Stocks got a nice gain as December began, but so did oil, silver, gold, livestock and grains as the world became more expensive all at once. - 12/1/05

Fun With Numbers - Money Matters for 11/30/05
With all the good economic news, how come stocks took a hit today?. - 11/30/05

Stocks Take a Break Amid Cloudy Current Conditions - Money Matters for 11/28/05
Retail sales fail to ignite as bonds reach equilibrium. - 11/28/05

Investors Already In Holiday Spirits - Money Matters for 11/23/05
Three reasons why stocks should climb higher. - 11/23/05

Nasdaq powers to 4 1/2 year high - Money Matters for 11/22/05
Tech rally has legs, looks good though end of year. - 11/22/05

GM's Demise a Boost for Stocks - Money Matters for 11/9/05
Former auto giant says making cars in America is too expensive. - 11/21/05

Oil Dips as Execs are Grilled - Money Matters for 11/9/05
Senators and Americans would like straight answers from oil companies, but we're unlikely to get them. - 11/9/05

Pop Goes the Bubble? Housing boom slowing - Money Matters for 11/8/05
Luxury home builder Toll Brothers drops a bit of a bomb on Wall Street. - 11/8/05

Stock Market Rally Rolls On - Money Matters for 11/7/05
Nasdaq inches closer to 4-year highs as oil prices dip. - 11/7/05

Chart Talk for Weekend Consumption - Money Matters for 11/4/05
Charts show the Nasdaq taking off while the Dow slumbers. - 11/4/05

Productivity Trumps Factory Orders - Money Matters for 11/3/05
Statistics offer cometing views on economy, but the holidays are usually up for stocks. - 11/3/05

The Nasdaq, Where the Action Is - Money Matters for 11/2/05
Nasdaq outperforms the other indices as tech leads the way higher. - 11/2/05

November 4.0; Sell stocks, buy silver - Money Matters for 11/1/05
Greenspan raises rates again, stocks fall, but silver is a buy. - 11/1/05

No Fear as Markets Bound Higher - Money Matters for 10/31/05
Nothing spooked the markets today. Silver looks like a buy. - 10/31/05

Three Cheers for the GDP - Money Matters for 10/28/05
American oil cartel threatens the viability of the US economy. - 10/28/05

Stock Gains Not Durable and Oil is to Blame - Money Matters for 10/27/05
American oil cartel threatens the viability of the US economy. - 10/27/05

The Big Give-Back Begins - Money Matters for 10/26/05
No follow-through after day of big gains. - 10/26/05

No Follow Through for Stocks; Commodities Soar - Money Matters for 10/25/05
Is the market waiting for a political solution? - 10/25/05

Wall Street Hails the Great Inflator - Money Matters for 10/24/05
President selects Ben Bernanke to succeed Greenspan at the Fed. - 10/24/05

More Mixed messages from the Markets - Money Matters for 10/21/05
Dow down, Nasdaq and NYSE up, plus an outlook on interest rates and how it relates to oil, gold and silver. - 10/21/05

Easy Come, Easy Go - Money Matters for 10/20/05
US equity markets gave back all of yesterday's gains and more as the future weighed heavily. - 10/20/05

Oil Decline a Boost for Bulls - Money Matters for 10/19/05
Higher inventories of crude and gasoline, plus generally good earnings send stocks soaring. - 10/19/05

Decision Time for US Investors - Money Matters for 10/18/05
Earnings, PPI data, block trade on XOM move markets. - 10/18/05

Strange Days at the Exchange - Money Matters for 10/17/05
Stocks going up on horrible earnings reports, down on record-breaking performance. Lessons learned. - 10/17/05

A Pause for the Cause - Money Matters for 10/14/05
Markets show nice gians to close out the week; the lower oil, higher interest rates ratio explained. - 10/14/05

Nothing Much? Think Again - Money Matters for 10/13/05
The headline numbers show minor movement on the major indices, but the action inside was extraordinary on the NYSE - 10/13/05

Flights of Fancy - Money Matters for 10/12/05
With the Dow outperforming the Nasdaq, investors may be fleeing to Blue Chips, but are they only delaying the inevitable? - 10/12/05

Split Decision - Money Matters for 10/11/05
Dow and Nasdaq part company for the day as earnings begin to trickle in. - 10/11/05

Market Woes Continue as Earnings Season Looms - Money Matters for 10/10/05
More losses for US equities as the week begins the wrong way. - 10/10/05

Quiet End to Wicked Week - Money Matters for 10/07/05
Dull Friday ends three-day slide, but it's hardly over. - 10/07/05

Stocks Slide Continues Despite Late Day Drama - Money Matters for 10/06/05
The bad week for stocks continues despite miracle comeback in final 20 minutes. - 10/06/05

Stocks reeling prior to Earnings Data - Money Matters for 10/05/05
Nasdaq records largest one-day decline in 6 months, Friday Labor report key to traders. - 10/05/05

Turnaround Tuesday a Downer for Stocks - Money Matters for 10/04/05
Inflation fears, 3rd quarter distress signals and the 100% correlation between an inverted yield curve and recession. - 10/04/05

Sailors, Hookers and Rough Seas - Money Matters for 10/03/05
The fourth quarter gets underway in mixed fashion and Republicans lead the world in scandal. - 10/03/05

3rd Quarter Ends With A Whimper - Money Matters for 9/30/05
The Dow and Nasdaq finish the quarter on a high note, though down for the year. Stocks on the NYSE continue to shine. - 9/30/05

Gold, Oil, Stocks All Up - Money Matters for 9/29/05
Everything was worth more today, but which will retain value?. - 9/29/05

Why Does It Feel Like Friday? - Money Matters for 9/28/05
A tumultuous trading day has investors seeking relief. - 9/28/05

Confidence Shattered, Economy Limps Along - Money Matters for 9/27/05
Consumer confidence hits a new low and new home sales fall 10%, but our reporter points the finger at the Fed. - 9/27/05

President's Bungle Short-circuits Rally - Money Matters for 9/26/05
Saying the US would tap the SPR sent stocks lower. - 9/26/05

Traders Calm Before the Storm - Money Matters 9/23/05
A weakening hurricane gives Wall Street hope. - 9/23/05

The Real Economic Indicators - Money Matters 9/22/05
Leading Indicators reported lower, unemployment new claims up sharply. - 9/22/05

A very good time to sell - Money Matters 9/21/05
Don Bravo sees three straight days of market declines a portent of even more ill times to come. - 9/21/05

Fed in a Funk; Raises Interest Rates Again - Money Matters 9/20/05
The FOMC hicked interest rates for the 11th consecutive time and, as usual, has it entirely wrong. - 9/20/05

The Rita Effect - Money Matters 9/19/05
Don Bravo is back from a three-week hiatus with a timely warning for fuel guzzlers. - 9/19/05

Model Portfolio Gains 2.48% in first month
Led by foreign-based companies, Fearless Rick's Model Portfolio shows a tidy profit in just five weeks of trading. - 9/12/05

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