Playboy Magazine November 1956

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Playboy November 1956

Cover: Mr. Playboy in elevator

Playmate: Betty Blue

Pictorials: The Lock on the Barroom Door - article by Jonathan Rhoades with photos by Mike Shea details Chicago's Gaslight key club with scantily clad waitresses and upscale acoutrements, a precursor of Hefner's very own Playboy Clubs.

Features: Fiction: A Flourish of Strumpetsby Richard Matheson, The Lover of the Coral Glades by Adrian Conan Doyle, and The Flip Side by Charles Einstein; Humor: Falconry: Who Needs It? by P.G. Wodehouse; article on Nat King Cole in the studio; "pastiche" on Hemingway by Jed Kiley; Satire: Selecting Your Second Wife by Shepherd Mead.

Pages: 88