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Sports Illustrated February 4, 1957

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Sports Illustrated magazine February 4, 1957

COVER: Yachtsman Hugh Schaddelee

FEATURES: Reigning Dynastyby Victor Kalman, looks at the stars of bowling, Dick Weber, Don Carter and others; Broadside from Dixieby Ezra Bowen, previews the Miami to Nassau yacht race; Basketball's Underground Railroadby Richard J. (Dick) Schaap, covers the inner workings of basketball scouts; Who Won?by Roy Terrell, features the inconsistencies of judging in indoor track; Spectacle: Scramble on Skates- four pages of color photos of speed skating by Art Shay; Tracking the Cat in Maineby Lew Dietz, features bobcat hunting in snowy Maine; What Rugby Means to Englandby Alec Waugh - noted author recalls his playing days; plus horse racing, baseball, golf tips, and much more!



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