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Sports Illustrated July 1, 1957

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Sports Illustrated magazine July 1, 1957

COVER: Yatching Flags

FEATURES: Yachting Heraldryby Ezra Brown - full color messaging flags, flags and burgees of 39 Leading North American Yacht Clubs and Private Signals of 48 North American Yachtsmen, plus story, Downwind to Hawaiipreviews the 2,230-mile downwind race from Los Angeles to Hawaii, with charts and photos of entrants and their ships; St. Andrews- three splendid full color pages of photos of the great golf course by Walker Evans, and story, The Course: Magic and Mysteryby S. L. McKinlay; Cornell Backs Up Its Noticesby Don Parker - Cornell wins IRA Regatta; New Faces, New Figuresby Gerald Holland, reveals major league baseball's profits and losses with complete income and expense chart with profit and loss statement for each major league club (two pages, very impressive); James D. Norris Must Get Out!by Martin Kane - Federal court judge makes ruling to clean up boxing; The Good Days and the Bad Days of Al Lopezby Robert Creamer - insights into the life of the Chicago White Sox manager; The Art of Race Riding, Part 3: The Startby jockey Eddie Arcaro with Whitney Tower and drawings by Robert Riger - Arcaro reveals his secrets of thoroughbred horse racing; plus Charles Goren on bridge, great vintage ads and much more!



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