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NFL Week 8 Early Games

All times Eastern

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Week 7: Rick: 4-10; Coin: 8-6
Cumulative: Rick: 50-55-1; Coin: 53-52-1

Thursday, October 24

8:20 pm Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings (-16, 42) - 5-2 overall, the Vikings are 3-0 at home, and there's little the Redskins are likely to do about them becoming victim number four. While the Vikings are #6 in points scored, averaging 27.4 per game, the Redskins are ahead of just two teams - the Jets and Dolphins - in that category, scoring an abysmal 12.9 points per contest.

Minnesota's offense holds a strong statistical edge as well, and though Washington's defense is mid-pack at 25.1 per game, Minnesota is allowing just 17.6. The Redskins are 1-2 on the road, but the win was at Miami.

Coin Flip: Washington

Prediction: Vikings 34 Redskins 10

Sunday, October 27

1:00 pm Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints (-10 1/2, 49) - Drew who? Since QB Brees went down in the loss to the Rams, all Teddy Bridgewater has done is lead the team to five straight victories and the top spot in the NFC South.

Brees is expected to start this week, and besides a little rust, he should be just fine. If not, Bridgewater has proven himself capable. Arizona is yielding nearly four TDs a game, and have won three straight, including last week's 27-21 uprising at New York over the Giants. A shootout is in store.

Coin Flip: Arizona

Prediction: Saints 38 Cardinals 34

1:00 pm Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Rams (LONDON) (-13, 48) - At 0-7, this Cincinnati squad is one sorry bunch. The fans in England should get better than what this contest offers, but the Rans should roll all over the Bengals, who are scoring just 16.3 points per game. Against the Rams' defense, Andy Dalton and his crew don't stand much of a chance.

Coin Flip: Los Angeles Rams

Prediction: LA Rams 27 Bengals 7

1:00 pm Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts (-5 1/2, 43 1/2) - Denver is only scoring 16 points per outing, on average, so their defense better come ready to play, at least better than they looked being creamed by Kansas City last Thursday, 30-6. Joe Flacco has been a bust so far for the struggling Broncos, who are just 2-5 and staring at a high draft choice next Spring.

Coin Flip: Denver

Prediction: Colts 31 Broncos 17

1:00 pm Los Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears (-4, 41) - Chicago's offense has yet to get it going. They're 26th in scoring, putting up a pathetic 18.7 points per game, which is a primary factor in them being 3-3. Losers of two straight (Oakland, 24-21; New Orleans, 36-25), they've picked it up a bit, but the defense now is lacking. This should get them right, as the Chargers manage to lose five of their last six, and not to any overpowering teams other than the Texans.

The Chargers give up too many points to be taken seriously this season.

Coin Flip: Chicago

Prediction: Bears 27 Chargers 13

1:00 pm New York Giants at Detroit Lions (-7, 49) - The Lions were looking good a few weeks ago, but three straight losses have them at 2-3-1 and the bottom of the NFC North. The Giants have likewise dropped three straight and the margins haven't been pretty, 18-21, and 6, to Minnesota, New England, ad Arizona, respectively.

Both of these squads allow 26.7 points per game, but the Lions are arguably a little better offensively. That noted, Saquon Barkley is back and should do some ground damage and maybe help the Giants pull off an upset.

Coin Flip: Detroit

Prediction: Giants 24 Lions 22

1:00 pm New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars (-6, 41) - After that 33-0 whipping put on them by the Patriots Monday night, the Jets might as well just hang it up for the season. Their offense is tied with the Dolphins as the worst in the league and their defense isn't much better. Jacksonville has thrived against weak opponents and the Jets certainly qualify. Also, at 3-4, the Jags need a win to stay relevant in the division.

Coin Flip: New York Jets

Prediction: Jaguars 24 Jets 14

1:00 pm Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills (-2, 43 1/2) - Every week, it seems, the Eagles find a way to lose a football game, and it's been getting progressively worse, as they've bombed out at Minnesota, 38-20, and then threw in the towel at Dallas, 37-10. This being their third straight road game, the 5-1 Bills, coming off a bye week, ought to make hay. Their only loss at home was to New England, 16-10, in week four. Buffalo's defense is nasty good.

Coin Flip: Philadelphia

Prediction: Bills 21 Eagles 16

1:00 pm Seattle Seahawks (-3 1/2, 54) at Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons are allowing 31.9 points per game, so why is this game so contentious? Because Seattle's defense ain't what it used to be, allowing 25.1 per outing. Atlanta can still run up the score, and a Matt Ryan - Russell Wilson showdown might be interesting, though the Seahawks seem to be headed to the playoffs, whereas the Falcons are headed nowhere fast.

Coin Flip: Seattle

Prediction: Seahawks 38 Falcons 27

1:00 pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans (-2 1/2, 45 1/2) - Is Ryan Tannehill the answer for the struggling Tennessee offense? Maybe, but one has to be impressed with the Titans' defense, fourth in the league in points allowed at 16 ppg. Tampa Bay's defenders appear to have adopted a matador-style of tackling, which has been effective in teams putting up an average of 30.8 per game.

Even The Titans should be able to score bunches against this under-achieving group.

Coin Flip: Tennessee

Prediction: Titans 26 Buccaneers 20

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