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Collectible Magazine Online Price Guide Newsletter, Page 1

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Site Update Some of you may a little disappointed that some of the sections of the price guide are still fairly blank and marked "under construction." Nobody is more dismayed by this than me, however, as I'd love to be able to just work on expanding the guide.

Unfortunately, since the price guide is freely available, I've spent more time adding advertising to the pages already available than pricing out new titles. Advertising and magazine sales on ebay and on site are the only forms of revenue, but progress has been made and the Price Guide is growing, though still far from being self sufficient.

In any case, donations are always welcome. See the donations section below for more info on how you can help grow the Collectible Magazine Online Price Guide.

In the past few months, in addition to the ads, I've been updating prices on Playboy, Life and Rolling Stone, and expanding the number of detail pages for individual issues of Sports Illustrated, while also updating the prices as time allows. Since there are over 2,000 issues of SI, this is going to be an ongoing process. The same situation holds true with Life, Time and any other weekly publications of value. Keeping up with the huge number of issues out there is a lifetime endeavor.

I'd also like to thank those of you who have sent prices on sales of various issues. I've integrated these figures into some of the data. Anybody who has sale price lists can submit them to me as either plain text or as an Excel spreadsheet and I'll integrate them into the price database.

Top 20 Single Issue Sales on eBay for October

PLAYBOY DECEMBER 1953 - $2150.00
PLAYBOY DECEMBER 1953 - $1825.00
PLAYBOY DECEMBER 1953 - $1000.00
1916 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Enthusiast Magazine #2 - $899.00
Godey's Lady's Book Magazine, 1846 (Edgar Allan Poe story) - $855.00
January, 1954 PLAYBOY magazine - $810.00
MAD Magazine Comic #1, Oct.-Nov. 1952: FIRST ISSUE - $798.75
SAVEUR Magazine Issue #1 (Summer 1994): Secrets of Oaxacan Cooking - $510.00
1967 ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE, VOL 1, NO 1 (John Lennon cover) - $493.18
JOHN F. KENNEDY SIGNED TIME MAGAZINE November 16, 1960 - $480.00
SURFER MAGAZINE VOL 2 #3, FALL-1961-RARE - $461.00
MAD #3, Original EC Humor Comic Magazine, January 1953 - $405.00
Mickey Mouse Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1 - November 1933 - $387.98
MAD MAGAZINE NO. 24 - 1st MAG. ISSUE - JULY '55 - $367.42
Sports Illustrated for Kids December 1996 (Tiger Woods cards) - $365.00
1937 Lone Ranger Magazine Number 2 - $355.00
LOOK magazine, March 18, 1969, autographed by Yoko Ono and John Lennon - $355.00
Weird Tales magazine, October 1933, volume 22 - $350.00

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