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Newsletter March 2007, page 4

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Page 4 - Site Updates, Collections For Sale, Advertising Opportunites

Newsletter March 2007 - Page 4

Site News and Updates by Rick Gagliano - 3/2/07.

It's been a while since the last newsletter, but it hasn't been for lack of work. Some of you who've been subscribers for a long time, understand the trials and tribulations I've been though developing this site, and, admittedly, there is a lot of work still to be done.

Money, of course, remains an issue, though less so than in past years. I am considering hiring a part-time person to handle updating and adding to the listings. This may or may not occur, depending upon the success of a couple of initiatives, which I will detail below. For the time being, this is still a one-man operation.

For one thing, I've given up the idea of accepting donations. Over the past three years I've maybe received $50 from subscribers and other kind-hearted souls, and that obviously isn't enough to keep this site in operation. If you feel compelled to send me money, don't hesitate, however. While I won't actively pursue the charity angle, I'm not dumb enough to turn any funds away. I have to admit, however, accepting money for nothing isn't really in my blood.

Recently, I've begun selling ad space on the site. There are over 600 individual pages just in the Playboy section of the site. I've been adding Sports Illustrated pages of late, and when complete, there will be 1200-1800 pages devoted to single issues of SI. The plan is the same for some of the other major titles - Life, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Vogue and Time - to name just a few.

As for advertising sales on the site, I'm open to just about anything. The small box ads (125x125) that show up on individual issue detail pages and the year-by-year indices are rotating ads. These are available to anyone who is interested at a very reasonable price. Check the prices on our main advertising page.

The other ad vehicle I am pursuing will expand greatly I believe. Each individual page has more than enough space for text link messages, and links are great for your business if you operate a web site. Links on individual pages will begin to be made available at $6 per year. It doesn't sound like much, and, in reality, it isn't, especially considering the value links bring to your search rankings.

But $6, $9, $12 per page adds up and I believe that text links will allow me to begin really building the price guide and making it a valuable tool and resource for collectors, dealers and other interested parties.

Besides the advertising angle (believe me, the Google ads and other display ads you see on the site don't pay the rent), I'll also be adding more items for sale in the store. As it stands, my store is a pretty sorry excuse for an online retail operation, but I've had fits and starts with various shopping cart and other display options, and haven't yet found one that works for me. (maybe time to get a new computer)

However, sales of back issues do occur somewhat to my surprise at times, and that area is going to be expanded.

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The other initiative is the brokering of collections, like the ones you see offered below. I am interested in brokering collections for selling parties and my fee is the standard 15%. Contact me if you have a magazine collection or CDs, DVDs, records, books, etc., to sell or input your information and send it to us through our collections for sale form. Any submissions accepted will be offered for sale on the site on this brand new items for sale page.

Collections for Sale: A massive Playboy collection, some vintage Rolling Stone issues and Photography Magazines.

I've been contacted by a number of individuals wishing to sell their collections. Here are three that are available. If you have an interest in purchasing these, click on the MAKE OFFER next to each offer and include contact information and your best offer. I will review offers and contact the sellers. There is no guarantee that your offer will be accepted. If a sale is made, I will act as escrow agent, holding funds until the collection is shipped, inspected and approved by buyer. Serious offers and inquiries only, please.

Being that this is March, I'm going to preoccupied with coverage of the basketball tournament, but come April, I'll be devoting most of my time to expanding and updating the price guide. I know some of you are patiently waiting for Vogue and Saturday Evening Post prices to be posted, and you'll soon be rewarded, but I'm not making any promises on a launch date for those as I have a horrible track record at meeting my own self-imposed deadlines.

The magazine of the week feature was very popular for the three weeks I ran it, so I'm going to reinstate that feature as soon as I have 6-8 in the bank, so to speak. The research time required to present a good feature is presently not available, though it soon may be.

And, lastly, I'm going to make an effort to produce this newsletter on a more regular basis. Monthly would be grand, and that's always been the goal. Suggestions and articles on collecting, trading or anything related to magazines are always welcome.

See you in the Spring,

Rick Gagliano, Publisher
Downtown Magazine, Collectible Magazine Back Issue Price Guide.

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